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We are the change

we want to see in the world

Balancing world in harmony and peace

Young people worldwide create a common denominator of constructive communication, for creating win-win solutions by integrating multiple perspectives.

Find here relevant content, exercises, and the community.

viwago = visionwaygoal


Worldwide we are able to communicate constructively and to create cooperative win-win solutions.


We learn to

  • communicate constructively
  • cooperate by integrating multiple perspectives
  • create win-win solutions and healthy systems (1+1>3)
  • transform conflicts into cooperative solutions


Together we create a balanced world in peace, wealth, and health.


We live in wonderful times full of opportunities for creation. The world is changing on all levels. Some speak of an epochal paradigm shift and I see the same. It’s the first time in human history, we have the opportunity to consciously participate in a foundational change in the world. Constructive communication is a basic ability to interlink distributed intelligence for all the complex demands our world nowadays is faced with. To build up a common denominator of communicating constructively will support to create win-win systems worldwide or to shape our environment, our political, economic, educational and health systems, into more balanced ones.

Get involved and join

practical experience

in creating win-win solutions

self efficacy

and growing access to your intuition

developing yourself

in accordance with your values

I love the world and the world loves me! I go for it!

Balancing the world – We go for it!

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