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We are the change

we want to see in the world

Balancing the world by constructive communication

Young people worldwide create a common denominator of constructive communication

The viwago initiative is a non profit organization, with aim to share basic knowledge about constructive communication online.


Worldwide we are able to communicate constructively and to create cooperative win-win solutions.


We learn

  • communicating constructively
  • cooperating by integrating multiple perspectives
  • transforming conflicts into win-win solutions


Together we create a balanced world in peace, wealth, and health.


For the first time in human history, we have the opportunity to consciously participate in a foundational change in the world. To solve all the complex challenges our world nowadays is faced with, a common knowledge base about communication is basic, because a common denominator is the constructive link for people’s distributed intelligence worldwide. Therefore the viwago initiative produces

practical experience

in creating win-win solutions


in accordance with human rights and values

art for culture

inspiration and growing participation

balancing the world - we go for it!

balancing the world – we go for it!

We love the world and the world loves us!
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