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Think Tank 3. Februar 2018

Deine Meinung ist gefragt: Was ist konstruktive Kommunikation? Was gehört alles dazu, um einen gemeinsamen Nenner welweit zu erschaffen? Wir sammeln Perspektiven, Ideen und Erfahrungen als Basis für unser pädagogisches Konzept. Je bunter und vielfältiger diese... mehr lesen

Balancing the world by constructive communication

Young people worldwide create a common denominator of constructive communication

The viwago initiative is a non profit organization, with aim to share basic knowledge about constructive communication online.


Worldwide we are able to communicate constructively and to create cooperative win-win solutions.


We learn

  • communicating constructively
  • cooperating by integrating multiple perspectives
  • transforming conflicts into win-win solutions


Together we create a balanced world in peace, wealth, and health.


For the first time in human history, we have the opportunity to consciously participate in a foundational change in the world. To solve all the complex challenges our world nowadays is faced with, a common knowledge base about communication is basic, because a common denominator is the constructive link for people’s distributed intelligence worldwide. Therefore the viwago initiative produces

practical experience

in creating win-win solutions


in accordance with human rights and values

art for culture

inspiration and growing participation

balancing the world - we go for it!

balancing the world – we go for it!

We love the world and the world loves us!
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