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constructive communication

Program for Universities

make peace

students and professors

How do your ideas and competencies contribute to create more peace and protect nature in everyday life?

The fear of climate collapse, wars, terrorism – our world seems to be sinking into chaos. At the same time, we have never had such capable people as we do today.

How we think, feel and act – how we interpret others and communicate with them – what we buy and how we dispose of it – all this we learn from each other.

Therefore, we have created a framework in which bright and creative students can share their skills with young people around the world.

We are looking for enthusiastic partners who want to fill the open space during a 3-day workshop.

Interactively we empower you to express your skills and creativity digitally. Globally we develop awareness through our social media channels “balancing the world”.

We combine experiential education with scientific know-how for nearly 20 years. Our competencies are based on psychology, sociology, pedagogy, communication, media, intercultural competences, and neuroscience.

shaping future

The intelligence of the many are capable of much more than laws from cumbersome structures.

balancing the world with small things in everyday life

3 days workshop

Based on your subject, we support students to create digital content and to share it with young people from all over the world.

joyfull and interactive

Social Media

you share how to make more peace and to protect nature in everyday life 

experience the resonance

get involved

You want to contribute to the development of a more peaceful and healthy world? 

contact us

Sandra Dreier



We come to you.

Our Mission

make it constructive

with communication we create reality – individual and global

every word, thought, gesture, picture, action or inaction – everything is communication

we can not NOT communicate

Paul Watzlawick

peace and a healthy environment

what global reality do we create now – and what instead we want to create?

We are looking for enthusiastic, bright and creative partners who want to inspire other people with their perception and consciousness.

your awaken mind

makes the difference

taking responsibility for global and common goods

balancing the world


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