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constructive communication

we create a common denominator worldwide

Meet me in Barcelona: Sandra Dreier phone: 633917876


I’m in Barcelona to initiate a new kind of Digital Sagrada Familia.

I’m here to meet creative, intercultural, intelligent and awaken young people for co-creating.

My vision is to run an online community, enabling young people to balance the world again.

This is a question of communication. Everything is communication.

My way is

  • to teach about inner and outside constructive communication
  • to give a living example

Balancing the world by creating a common denominator of constructive communication worldwide is starting by ourselves.

The idea is, to co-create the lessons in a complex and intelligent co-production. By doing this, we express the famous words “We are the change we want to see in the world”.

I’d like to produce creative online lessons with artistic videos, with forums, with personality development coaching, with skills and methods for download and experience.

The Kick-off will be a workshop on 2.3.2018. There we will start developing the vision, and also we experience the first common flow.

I would like to meet YOU there. What is your perspective? What would you like to involve? Come over, find out and experience yourself involved in a strong common Flow.

todo es posibile.

Balancing the world – by constructive communication – we go for it!

A big variety of distributed intelligence, united in a common vision. We experience in our working progress the power of co-creating with constructive communication and we will be a vision for other young people.

And in the coachings, we will encourage them to live their potentials, to live and co-create with pleasure, with humor, full of light and lightness.

Barcelona is the best place to awaken this vision. Here we can find many open-minded, happy, creative, intercultural young people for running an unconventional initiative like this. Aren’t you just waiting for an initiative like this?

My friends call me Cani.

Feel free to call me: 633917876

Kick-off  Barcelona 2. March 2018

Kick-off Barcelona 2. March 2018

How YOU can participate in this project: we’ll co-create: funny and arty videos, complex and intelligent lessons, exchange in Social Media, arty documentation of our process The Kick-off in Barcelona will be on   2.3.2018   at   16:00 – 19:00 in... mehr lesen
I’d like to produce a new video on viwago home

I’d like to produce a new video on viwago home

Do YOU know somebody creative, stylish, professional  with the right und sunny mindset to co-create? I’d like to produce a new video for viwago home I want to express this complex idea in a light, sympathetic but also grounded way. Any imaginations? Please call... mehr lesen

balancing the world

we go for it!

Balancing the world by constructive communication

Young people worldwide create a common denominator of constructive communication

The viwago initiative is a non profit organization, with aim to share basic knowledge about constructive communication online.


viwago is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland (Sion).  Aims of the association are

  • developing and sharing of a scientific based and international shared common understanding about constructive communication
  • Free education of young people from all religions, cultures, and nations in the application of the common understanding of constructive communication

  • Initiation and implementation of international face-to-face projects in which young people are encouraged to find meaningful win-win solutions for socially relevant challenges

  • Collaboration with schools, colleges, and universities worldwide

  • Presentation of our activities as art for culture


For the first time in human history, we have the opportunity to consciously participate in a foundational change in the world. To solve all the complex challenges our world nowadays is faced with, a common knowledge base about communication is basic, because a common denominator is the constructive link for people’s distributed intelligence worldwide. Therefore the viwago initiative produces

practical experience

in creating win-win solutions


in accordance with human rights and values

art for culture

inspiration and growing participation

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