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nature & community spirit

I support to develop your projects


mindful reflection


what needs to end and how to come from our current global destruction to sustainable solutions?

cultural change

is made by people

in everyday life. More and more transformation is rising up the streets. People all over the world participate in social responsibility and passionately develop awareness, skills, projects and powerful actions.

supporting and presenting your project

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Do you need a helping hand? – give me a ring!

It’s my biggest pleasure to participate in your actions and projects.

I love to share your project and to introduce you and your ideas on my Instagram Account

"Cani" - about Sandra Dreier

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Sandra is an award-winning coach and academic specializing in personality development, self-organization, and interactive content creation.

She’s teaching social media, intercultural skills, communication and interaction at FFHS (Brig) department for informatics and digitally connected society.

She’s coaching mindset and co-creating projects with agile teams. Among other degrees, she is an experiential trainer educated by OUTWARD BOUND.

With her Instagram account, she brings the cultural change towards sustainable thinking and acting closer to young people. She’s illustrating the current movement towards sustainable solutions with Climate activists, sustainable community involvement in schools, universities, businesses, and organizations.

Her vision is a healthy planet, with healthy people, living in healthy environments, with clean water, healthy nutrition and fresh air for everybody.

“We have everything we need to make it happen. Now it’s about growing into it.”

SPECIALS: Learning from, with, and in nature

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Sustainable development – my holistic approach

inspirational 2-6 days Trekking Tours in the stunning Nature of Switzerland

You and your friends would like to make a sustainable project, but you don’t know exactly what or how.

It’s my pleasure to lead you through the process, surrounded and inspired by the amazing nature of Switzerland.

get your bigger picture clear

get your idea and message clear

gain the team spirit of a self-organizing “agile” Project Team and let your light seine brightly!

I look forward to empower your personal hero journey towards sustainable solutions.

Workshop: Interactive content creation Instagram

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Creating interaction with a digital community is my way of education on sustainable development. It’s visible examples, how to get people inspired to develop sustainable habits and attitudes.

In this workshop we share our message, based on your project.

  • developing content, based on your experiences 
  • creating experience causing interactions
  • opening space for networking 

It’s my biggest pleasure to seed your messages on my Instagram Account.

Workshop: Storytelling and Video Production

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Do you want to present your project in storytelling videos?

Within four half days you you can learn to make exciting Storytelling Videos out of your project.

Learn from a professional writer and director, how to make

  • the Storyline and Dramaturgy
  • Perfect Light and Settings, Exploiting the full Potential of your Camera
  • Professional Takes and Presentation
  • Final Cut and Editing on iMovie

We teach, coach and support you, to present your project in thrilling short Storytelling Videos.

To spread the global movement towards sustainable transformation, we also produce and share an overall story about the workshop and make a common challenge with our followers.

Yeah, let’s share our light! There is no planet B!

nature is our greatest good

she is giving everything we need.

We just have to learn how to live wisely with her.

feel it

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